Referral fees can supplement your income by thousands of dollars every year, without taking time away from your full-time career.  If you currently have a NJ real estate license or would like to get a license, but do not want to "actively" work in real estate, then we are the right choice for you. When you join us you can keep your license active and earn commissions on a referral basis. For new agents the experience and knowledge you gain can be the stepping-stone for a full-time real estate career in the future.



Your license stays active, even if you move out of state. You do not pay the many hundreds and thousands of dollars full-time salespeople pay in multiple listing service fees, Realtor dues, and errors & omissions insurance. You pay none of these fees. There is only a nominal yearly membership fee! Plus this fee can be waived, if you refer 1 completed transaction per year, so it can cost you zero to keep your license with us. There is no quotas or minimum referrals to hang your license.



More commission money.  A liberal commission program gives you greater motivation to look for leads. To the best our knowledge, we’re the highest paying referral company in the country, up to 100%. Earn More Money by referring other licensees to join Advantage Referral Service. Every time a referred/recruited licensee joins or has a settlement you get paid a bonus! Our way of thanking you! 



Our Commission Plan and Membership Fees:  Structure is Flexible

  • $75  per year for 60/40 (you get the 60%)
  • $100 per year for 80/20 (you get the 80%)
  • $200 per year for 100% (minus a $100 per transaction fee)
  • If you have another offer or plan that would work better for you then please let us know and if we can beat it or match it we will.
  • You are able to change plans if you like. You can change your plan to any plan each year when you renew. We are Flexible. 
  • Zero Membership Fee: If you complete 1 transaction per year your membership fee is waived for the next year. So it can cost you zero to have your license with us. (note that is for split plans only and does not apply to the 100% plan).  

Local and Nationwide Referrals. We successfully refer business to agents outside the New Jersey area and have to no geographic limit. That’s right Nationwide. Example: You know someone selling or buying in Florida, you can refer them to a Florida agent and get paid a commission. Local and nationwide referrals at your service with a single phone call to 856-751-3799.



You can refer to any licensed agent or company anywhere in the US. You have the right to choose Any Company, Any Agent, No Restrictions for your referral Period. Most of our Agents make their referrals directly, this gives them control over the process, giving you total control over your referrals and clients! If you prefer we handle it, our referral coordinators will place your lead with the agent or company of your choice. If you don’t have a particular agent, we will contact an agent for you.



Continuing Education: The state of NJ has now signed into law that licensees must take 12 hours continuing education being in July 2011, unless you are designated as a referral agent.  If you join us you will not be required to take continuing education classes.  Another way we reduce your costs and time of maintaining your license.


Easy to Join:  The transfer is simple and can be completed via email, mail, and phone or in person if you prefer. If you are limited on time, we can complete your activation and transfer by phone, mail, email and fax. We are happy to help and make it as easy and seamless as possible for you.


Full time Real Estate Broker to answer your real estate questions.


More leads successfully converted.  Our screening process of agents we refer leads to increases our referral associates odds on completing a successful referral.


A highly professional organization, which encourages, and supports, your efforts, handles your outgoing referrals, maintains your license, and promptly processes your commission checks.  Advantage Referral Services is far more than a place to hang your license.



An informative newsletter, providing you with updates on the market, Real Estate related news, and idea on how to acquire referrals.



Agent Websites:  Every agent can have their own personal website with their own domain name. The agent has the flexibility to modify the entire website as well. (at this time agents websites are not paid for by ARS)


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