Can I transfer my license to another company at any time?

Yes, if you decide you would like to actually list and sell homes you can transfer your license at any time, no questions asked.  If you would like to transfer to another company for any reason you can do so at anytime.


What happens to my license if I move or move out of state?

You can move anywhere in New Jersey or out of state and still keep your license safe and active with us. You can still use your license to make referrals and collect commission with no problem.


Can I make out of State referrals?

You can successfully refer business to agents outside New Jersey and have no geographic limit. That’s right Nationwide. Example: You know someone selling or buying in Florida, you can refer them to a Florida agent and get paid a commission. Local and nationwide referrals with a single phone call to 856-751-3799.


Who and What can I refer?

Anyone who has a real estate need is a prospective referral. There is no limit to the possibilities of networking through family, friends, neighbors, church, trade organizations, school organizations, your local businesses such a deli, restaurants, the gym...anywhere! You can refer you own properties, clients, co-workers, ect. Anyone! You can also refer commercial, businesses, and industrial properties as well.


Can I make my own referrals and pick what company to give it to?

You have the right to choose Any Company, Any Agent, No Restrictions for your referral Period. Most of our Agents make their referrals directly, this gives them control over the process, giving you total control over your referrals and clients! If you prefer we handle it, our referral coordinators will place your lead with the agent or company your choice. If you don’t have a particular agent or company, we will contact an agent on your behalf.


How to I make a referral?
  • Contact any Realtor or Company that you want to refer your lead to
  • Negotiate a Referral Fee Commission (usually 25% to 35%)
  • Fully Complete the Referral Agreement will all signatures
  • Fax or Email the Completed Referral Agreement to Advantage Referral Service
  • If you have any questions during the process call 856-751-3799


How much commission would I receive for a referral?

Once the transaction has closed, the company that accepted your referral will pay ARS the referral fee commission based on the Gross commission made by the company.  Example: If the accepting company's gross commission were to total $10,000 and you negotiated a 30% referral fee then Advantage Referral Service would receive a check for $3,000.  If you picked the 80/20 commission split plan then you would receive a check for 2,400. Not bad for filling out a piece of paper.


What are your fees?

We have a yearly membership fee and it varies depending on the spilt. The membership fees start at $75 per year. That is our only fee. Our fee can be zero, if you complete 1 transaction per year your membership fee is waived for the next year. So it can cost you zero to have your license with us. (note that is for split plans only and does not apply to the 100% plan). However, we don't have any quotas to hang your license. Just an incentive to make referrals.


What other costs are there?

The only other cost in addition to the membership fee is the state license renewal fee that is due every two years.  The State of New Jersey renews all real estate licenses every odd year. The current cost for a 2-year renewal is $100 for a Salesperson license, and $200 for a Broker license.


Do I have to pay MLS Fees, Board Dues, or E&O Insurance?

Simple, No you do not pay any of these fees ever.


I don't have any referrals, I just want to keep my license active is that ok?

Yes, Absolutely. There is no quotas or minimum referrals for us to hang your license.


Do I have to come to your office to join or transfer?

No,  you can be located anywhere in New Jersey or even out of state. The transfer is simple and can be completed via email, mail, and phone or in person if you prefer. If you are limited on time, we can complete your activation and transfer by phone, mail, email and fax. We are happy to help and make it as easy and seamless as possible for you.


What if my license is expired or I let it expire?

The state will hold an expired license for two years from the expiration date on the license. If you do not reinstated during this time your license prior to that 2 year period expiring your license may no longer valid. To obtain your license again you will need to take the licensing course and pass the state licensing exam all over again.  To check the status of your license please call us at 856-751-3799 or use the contact form below.


If I want to re-activate my license from the state can you help?

Yes, absolutely. We notify the state with the proper forms and they will release your license to us upon receipt of the required fees and reinstatement forms. We have the necessary forms and information to complete this process for you. Simple.


What is going on with Continuing Education and how would I be affected?

The state of NJ has now signed into law that licensees must take 12 hours continuing education being in July 2011, unless you are designated as a referral agent.  If you join us you will not be required to take continuing education classes.  Another way we reduce your costs and time of maintaining your license.


Additional Questions? Please call us at 856-751-3799 or use the form below.


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