There is only a nominal yearly membership fee! We have different plans that fit your budget and business.  Best of all, this fee can be waived, if you refer 1 completed transaction per year, so it can cost you zero to keep your license with us. However, There are no quotas or minimum referrals to hang your license. This is just an incentive for you to make referrals and reduce your costs.


Our Commission Splits and Membership Fees:  It's your Choice!

•  $75  per year for 60/40 (you get the 60%)

•  $100 per year for 80/20 (you get the 80%)

•  $200 per year for 100% (minus a $100 per transaction fee)

  You can change or switch your plan to any plan each year when you renew. We are Flexible. If you have another offer or plan that would work better for you then please let us know and if we can beat it or match it we will.


•  BONUS: Zero Membership Fee: If you complete 1 transaction per year your membership fee is waived for the next year. So it can cost you zero to have your license with us. (note that is for split plans only and does not apply to the 100% plan). 



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